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    Tipsy Tiger


    What our customers
    are saying

    “A couple of buddies spontaneously came over last night and we needed a couple of bottles of beer. Since we all had no desire to go to the kiosk, we ordered the beer at Tipsy Tiger. After 20 minutes the ice cold beer was there. Fancy service. Happy to do it again.”


    from Hamburg-Wandsbek

    “For our housewarming party, suddenly more people showed up than we thought, and by 1 a.m. all the booze was gone. So we ordered a refill from Tipsy Tiger. It was really easy and in no time the delivery arrived. TOP!”


    from Hamburg-Horn

    “All the supermarkets were closed. The nearest gas station too far. You guys saved my birthday party! And thanks for the extra beer and mixed drinks!”


    from Hamburg-Eilbek